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Angelicadata is a process-oriented visual artist who emphasizes post production play, using their photographic practice and inclinations as source. The integrity of their practice survives by exploration, experimentation and intuition. They have enjoyed working with various materials like black & white film (35mm, 4x5, super 8), fabricated negatives, glass and steel in combination - or contrast - with mediums like photography, sculpture, video, and performance. They enjoy the critical uncanny, and the coincidence of circumstance. They hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography.

Angelicadata (iel) est un.e artiste en art visuel. Iel travaille la photo, la vidéo, la sculpture, et la performance en diagonal et de façons précaires avec emphase sur les pratiques argentique expérimentales. Dans le feu du jeu, ses exploration des étrangetés quotidiennes le frappe souvent dans la face.

Angelicadata is a French-Canadian artist with estranged Iraqi and Irish roots. They are based in Tiohtià:ke/Mooniyang/Montréal.