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Thumbnail: tàc! is an experimental video of intimate glimpses and elusive access to a relationship between the artist and an important figure in their life. The video footage was shot in reciprocity by Angelicadata and their video companion; it began as a loose tribute to their relationship, and was produced with an emphasis on experimentation with unfamiliar processes and mediums. Thumbnail: tàc! is composed of black & white Super 8 reversal film footage, made positive by digitally recorded projections of the hand-developed film, as well as digital footage between takes. The digital interventions and recordings of the analogue footage [initially only meant to serve the purpose of projecting positive super 8 moving-images and B-roll] proved themselves integral to the work, as they echo undertones felt throughout the video of the necessary destruction of dichotomies to allow for the complexities of interrelatedness and ambiguity.

April 2023

screenshot still taken at 0:0:23